Our People

We’ve assembled a highly competent team from some of the best, brightest, most innovative, entrepreneurial minds out there.

Marlon Evans, CEO

Kelsey Morgan, Co-Founder & General Partner

Kip Quackenbush, Co-Founder, President & COO

Duncan Logan, Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew Bair, Startup Sherpa

Greg White, Startup Sherpa

Kirin Quackenbush, Program Director

Daniel Haders II, Managing Director, Healthcare Tech

Maggey Felix, Sr. Director of Marketing

Melissa Demma, Program Manager

Mike Ma, Managing Director, FinTech

Raghu Iyer, Startup Sherpa

Deepa Seshan, Startup Sherpa

Samir Adams Ghosh, Startup Sherpa

Ted Hengst, Startup Sherpa

Bettina Briz, Startup Sherpa

Mike Rogers, Startup Sherpa

Akhil Kuduvalli, Startup Sherpa

Joe Pugliese Jr., Managing Director, Talent Development Group

Albert Vazquez, Startup Sherpa

Tom Steding, Startup Sherpa

Harout Nazerian, Director of Investor Relations & Portfolio Management

Dwight French, Startup Sherpa

Nick Phillips, Program Manager, Healthcare Tech

Jerry Kolosky, Startup Sherpa

Sam Hayes, Startup Sherpa

Madan Ahuja, Managing Director, Talent Development Group

Samuel Howard, Director of Marketing

Matt Gehring, Startup Sherpa

Steve Cercone, Startup Sherpa

Rex Northen, Startup Sherpa

Fir Geenen, Startup Sherpa

Kristin Link, Startup Sherpa

“We can’t say enough positive things about the Nex Cubed team. I remember someone saying that if we made the decision to participate, we would become part of the Nex Cubed “family.” In a few short months that has proven to be a reality and we couldn’t be happier!”

Kim Walpole, Co-Founder & CEO, Trials.ai

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