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BioVirtua: HealthTech Standout Winner
LinkedIn | October 12, 2017
As part of the 2017 Connected Health Conference, Partners Connected Health and the PCHAlliance are pleased to present the 7th Annual Health Tech StandOut! Competition (formerly the Innovators Challenge, a highly popular event featured for the past six years at the Partners Connected Health Symposium). CHC17 brings together the Partners Connected Health Symposium and the PCHAlliance Connected Health Conference, creating…

Blackbird.AI – Hurricane Harvey Case Study 2017
YouTube | September 29, 2017
Blackbird.AI provides Anomaly and Event Detection for Public Safety officials and Enterprise Solutions. During Hurricane Harvey, Blackbird.AI was used to provide first responders with critical information during a rapidly changing and volatile event. Speaking here about how Blackbird.AI helped during Hurricane Harvey is Constable Ryan Gable who leads Precinct 3 and was voted Best Constable in Texas for 2016.

Esports Audience Monetization Platform Raises $1.8 Million Seed Round
Forbes | July 27, 2017
As of July 2017, there is little doubt in the staying power of esports, which is essentially an industry consisting of competitive video game play that has attracted not only participants, but also a wide range of spectators on platforms such as Twitch. However, one of the biggest challenges remains finding out successful methods to monetize the rapidly expanding industry. Enter FanAI…

Eating The Farm?
Equities | July 18, 2017
In 2011, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously penned his essay “Software is Eating The World,” arguing that all companies will eventually become software companies. Today, Silicon Valley is betting that software will eat the farm. From sensors that track soil health to drones and “nano-satellites” that gather data from the sky, entrepreneurs and corporate R&D labs…

Start-Up Execs Urge Trump Not To Kill Special ‘Start-Up Visa’ For Entrepreneurs
CNBC | June 19, 2017
A new immigration rule that would allow foreign-born entrepreneurs to stay legally in the U.S. and work on their companies could become a key point of contention between tech execs and the White House, who are meeting this week. The International Entrepreneur Rule, colloquially called a “startup visa,” was created through an executive order from President Obama…

‘Startup Visa’ Rule Could Help Entrepreneurs, If Trump Keeps It
San Francisco Chronicle | May 20, 2017
In less than two months, foreign entrepreneurs will have another way to reach for the American dream — unless the Trump administration closes it off. The International Entrepreneur Rule, approved by the Department of Homeland Security during President Barack Obama’s waning hours in office, grants foreign entrepreneurs a window of time to…

Pluto AI Aims To Transform Wastewater Treatment With Applied AI
Clean Technica | April 19, 2017
Artificial Intelligence startup Pluto AI has raised $2.1 million in VC funding in order to inject intelligence into the traditionally mundane world of wastewater treatment. Modern plants are flush with sensors and automated controls, but they typically operate independently and often require user intervention.

Pluto AI Raises $2.1 Million To Bring Intelligence To Water Treatment
Tech Crunch | April 4, 2017
Former 500 Startups accelerator company Pluto AI is announcing $2.1 million in fundraising today from Fall Line Capital, Refactor Capital, Unshackled Ventures, Comet Labs and additional angels. Pluto is taking advantage of the sensorification of modern water treatment plants to extrapolate insights that can save operators precious time, money and water.