Startups will solve the greatest challenges of this century, dedicate your life accordingly.

Every spring and fall season, Nex Cubed selects frontier technology companies and supports them with capital, resources, mentorship and community.

About Us

We back bold entrepreneurs who are willing to take serious risks to solve real problems. Our global ecosystem empowers them to bring new technologies to market, helps rising companies scale, and provides paths to liquidity – the power of three.

Nex Cubed exists to support the world’s’ most promising entrepreneurs throughout their lifelong journey, from inspiration to IPO. We provide early-stage capital, corporate relationships, and access to a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market, helps rising companies scale, and provides paths to liquidity – the power of three.

What makes us different at Nex Cubed is that we work with companies from the very early stages, before the technology even exists, all the way through to late stage companies. We admit first-time founders, later-stage companies, and multi-exit entrepreneurs. We support all industries, ranging from healthcare, finance, government, consumer/retail, ecommerce, and enterprise.

Apply for Fall 2017

We’re looking for bold founders who are solving real problems.

Applications are now open for Fall 2017! Deadline to apply is August 15.
Program Dates: September 1, 2017 – January 15, 2018
The technology focus for Fall 2017 is Artificial Intelligence.

Spring 2017 Cohort

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Correlate applies AI to energy management to automate the Energy Manager role saving companies up to 60% on their energy bills with no up-front cost. Correlate’s Virtual Energy Manager is like a fintech robo advisor for energy.

FanAI is an AI-driven audience monetization platform eSports sponsors to optimize spending and for rights holders to maximize the value of their fan base.

Pluto AI is an analytics platform for smart water asset management, enabling water facilities to predict asset performance, reduce energy consumption,
and minimize operating costs.

Blackbird.AI is an AI-driven anomaly & event detection platform that reveals unique insights for command centers and analysts across a variety of sectors.

Spark AI uses machine learning to help companies identify and prioritize the best job candidates, saving companies time and money by targeting only the most appropriate candidates for the job.

SPEEV is a sales platform for efficiently engaging via voice. SPEEV uses machine learning to optimize voice conversations based on availability, priority and intended duration.

Nex Cubed Joins GAN

The GAN is a network of the world’s most respected accelerators and organizations in support of the startup industry. Our 80 members span six continents and more than 125 cities around the world and operate short-term accelerator programs that provide funding, training, mentoring and amazing connections to startup companies.

Our Programs

We are a leader in innovation-driven value creation as a long-term strategic partner and shareholder.

Create: we build enterprise software companies from the ground up.

We actively hunt for solutions to pressing problems, leveraging large corporates’ innovation and product roadmaps to validate ideas and technological innovations. We ideate with corporate partners on what we see in the market and create new companies from scratch, or accelerate existing startups/solutions to address strategic holes. The result is co-development of the business plan, a prototype, funding, and ultimately a path to revenue and scale.

Incubate: we select frontier technology companies and support them with capital, resources, mentorship, and community.

Our core focus at Nex Cubed is working with early stage founders to give them everything they need to succeed. We provide a highly competent incubator team to support and guide the startups. Our extensive network of highly successful mentors and professional investors, coupled with a loyal and active alumni base, is able to open doors and provide advice throughout the startup lifecycle. We think of ourselves as the conduit between startups and the ecosystem that brings them success, whether that’s large corporates, mentors, advisors, investors, and academia. Nex Cubed values quality over quantity, incubating an average of 5-8 companies per cohort.

Accelerate: go-to-market support and exit pathways for later stage technology companies

Nex Cubed’s Startup Acceleration Business is designed to help companies accelerate market velocity by cost-effectively scaling their operational and commercial capacity.  Thru our Lifecycle Growth Management approach, we can facilitate progress thru each and every phase of a startup’s maturation – from inception thru to liquidity.  Our ten Service Modules are designed to provide entrepreneurs with all of the SG&A capabilities they need, when they need them, with economics they can afford. Nex Cubed is unique in its breadth and depth of solutions so companies can leverage the most appropriate tool at the right time to seamlessly manage thru their commercial trajectory.

Our Partners

We partner with leading tech companies, service providers and corporations that share our mission to accelerate the development of founder ideas.

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Our People

We’ve assembled a highly competent team of partners, mentors and advisors from some of the best, brightest, most innovative, entrepreneurial minds out there. Our mentors are relevantly qualified, appropriately timed in the lifecycle, and Socratic in their approach.

John Vigouroux
Co-Founder & CEO

Kip Quackenbush
Co-Founder & President

Kelsey Morgan
Co-Founder & General Partner

Kirin Quackenbush
Program Manager

Maggey Felix
Sr. Director of Marketing

Tom Giles
General Manager of Healthcare and IoT

Who Should Apply
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Quantum Computing
Apply to Nex Cubed
An idea alone will not change the world; it takes incredible founders

We are accepting applications for Fall 2017, taking place in San Francisco from September 2017 – January 2018. 
We’re looking for bold founders who are utilizing AI to solve real problems. 

The technology focus for Fall 2017 is Artificial Intelligence.