Our Mentors

Mentorship is often overhyped, measured in quantity versus quality, and used as a marketing gimmick, when in reality, many of the mentors you’ll only see in photos.

At Nex Cubed, you’ll actually meet with people who are in your industry, or who can give you valuable insights on building a successful company, because they’ve been in your shoes. We believe in helping you accelerate your business not slowing you down with useless activities. That’s why we pre-match you with mentors based on reciprocal interest. No meaningless mentoring sessions. Our Mentors are relevantly qualified, appropriately timed in the lifecycle, and Socratic in their approach.

Deepak Agarwal
VP Engineering, Head of Relevance & AI, LinkedIn

Richie Mathews
Director, Search & AI, Yahoo!

Helen Yu
VP of Product & Engineering, Nolymit Mobible Web AI startup;
IBM Mobile Web + AI App Architect & Managing Consultant

Matthew Versaggi
Senior Director of AI & Machine Learning, Optum Technologies (SDS) / United Health Group

Sindhu Joseph
Founder, CEO, CogniCor Technologies, PhD in AI

Elnaz Sarraf
Founder & CEO, ROYBI

Geoffrey Stupay
CTO, Adiply

John Aisien
CEO, Blue Cedar Networks

Kristen Bay
President & CEO, Cyber adAPT

Choo Kim-Isgitt
CMO & EVP, EdgeWave

Doug Stupay
CEO, Adiply

Greg Karraker
Founder, Plan A Creative Services

Raviraj Jain
Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Brian Nugent
Founding General Partner, Sway Ventures

Steve Topper
Founder & Managing Partner, JumpStart Partners

Bill Davidson
CEO, Sapienter Group

Benjamin Decio
CEO, NarrativeWave

John De Santis
Chairman & CEO, HyTrust, Inc.

Pankaj Bhardwaj
Vice President, HyperGrid

Wendy Chin
Go to Market Strategy and Execution, 37mott

Alex Moore
Private Angel Investor

David Lane
Founding Managing Director, Diamondhead Ventures

Chip Witt
Director, Threat Detection Product Management, Appthority

Man Chan
VP, Data Science & Engineering, Apttus

Vincent Monteparte
President & CEO, 927 Inc

Ryan Erving
Principal, Ryan Erving Consulting

Lauren Calder
EVP, Strategic Marketing, The Revenue Group

Ning Zhang
Partner, MagStone Law

Samir Adams Ghosh
Principal, Prioritize Marketing

Richard Corriea
Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco
Police Commander (ret), San Francisco Police Department

Anne Bonaparte
CEO, Board Director, Advisory Services, Three Degrees

Cary Breese
CEO & Co-Founder, NowRx, Inc.

Prateek Joshi
Founder, Pluto AI

Ken Rutsky
Consultant, Speaker, Mentor and Author

Dean Sawyer
Co-Founder & CEO, Sentrian

Loren Buhle
VP, Security & Compliance, DNAnexus

Rochelle Pleskow
Director, eWellness Healthcare Corporation

Marty Kohn
Chief Medical Scientist, Sentrian

Derek Pollock
President, Proscape Technologies

Nimay Parekh
Co-Founder, Belleds Technologies

Robert Bain
Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, ParX Solutions

Savitha Srinivasan
Global Head Strategic Alliances, 8×8

Roberto Medrano
Executive VP, Akana / SOA Software

Barry Schliesmann
Principal Consultant, Highcross Group

Eugenia Corrales
SVP, Solutions Group, ShoreTel

Madan Ahuja
Director, Talent Acquisition, Le Tote

André Srinivasan
Director, Sales Engineering & Platform Solutions, EVRYTHNG

Alex Rosenfeld
Principal, Trailhead

Brad Chisum
Startup Advisor

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