Digital Health Cannot Wait: Nex Cubed Healthcare Joins Together.Health

Digital Health cannot wait.

The realities of the global COVID-19 pandemic have laid bare that today’s healthcare system must become yesterday’s healthcare system immediately. The pandemic has also demonstrated that Digital Health technologies from AI Drug Discovery to Remote Patient Monitoring are no longer nice to haves, but rather are must haves for strategic Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Payor and Hospital and Care organizations along with clinicians and patients. We can no longer wait to create and deploy tomorrow’s digital healthcare system. We need it today.

Nex Cubed Digital Health and our 23 portfolio companies knew this day was coming. Collectively, we have been preparing for COVID-19 and the future of healthcare since we were founded in 2017. We doubled down on that vision in 2018 when we announced we were launching a Digital Health Accelerator, Venture Studio, and Corporate Innovation Advisory program.

The impact of that vision can be seen today in our portfolio’s collective response to COVID-19., launched from the Nex Cubed Venture Studio, has leveraged its AI Drug Discovery Platform to discover drugs candidates that can safely be repurposed to fight COVID-19 infection and its lethal symptoms. RockStep Solutions has deployed a technology platform, currently in use at multiple strategic pharmaceutical companies, that allows research teams to work remotely without slowing the pace of drug development. Porchlight and OOTify have created digital platforms that support people suffering from chronic loneliness and mental health challenges during self-isolation and eCare21 has partnered with Dell Technologies to create a patient-centered virtual care platform critical to delivering care to patients remotely during the pandemic. Teams like Medcrypt,, Elly, Family Proud, SkillPower, and others are also leading from the front in their respective areas of cybersecurity, clinical trials, digital therapeutics, and care management.  

With that as a backdrop, Nex Cubed Digital Health is honored to announce that we have been invited and have accepted an invitation to join Together.Health – the leading consortium of early stage Digital Health accelerators, economic development organizations, government organizations, and community leaders. Collectively, the Together.Health ecosystem is working with thousands of partners, startups, investors, thought leaders, and politicians from around the world to drive real change in healthcare in the US and globally. The kind of change that the world needs today.

It has been my pleasure to get to know Stephen Konya, Together.Health, Co-Chair and Senior Innovation Strategist at the US Department of Health and Human Services over the last year. Stephen and the Co-Chairs’ (Nick Doughtery & Maura Little) vision for Together.Health and the future of healthcare are in lockstep with what we have built at Nex Cubed. Consequently, I am also personally honored to join the Together.Health Steering Committee. We look forward to working with Stephen and other national leaders to ensure we continue driving to make tomorrow’s healthcare system available today.

Nex Cubed Digital Health is excited to join Together.Health and honored to represent the organization as the regional San Diego Digital Health ecosystem leader from start-ups to seasoned corporations. To learn more about how Nex Cubed Digital Health and our portfolio companies are delivering the promise of tomorrow, today, click here. If you or your company would like to learn more about working with Nex Cubed to transform your Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Payor, or Care organization, click here.  

Daniel J. Haders II, Ph.D. is the Managing Director of Nex Cubed Digital Health and an Operating Partner at Sway Ventures. Nick Phillips is the Program Manager of Nex Cubed Digital Health.

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