Inspiring entrepreneurship at HBCUs.

Nex Cubed’s HBCU Founder’s Program provides students and recent alumni at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with access to the financial and advisory resources necessary to develop technology-enabled businesses.

On March 18th, we hosted the Meet the Founders event to introduce the companies and founders selected to participate in Nex Cubed’s HBCU Founder’s Summer Acceleration Program.

The founders that will be participating in the Summer Acceleration Program have startups that span across Financial Services (FinTech), Education (EdTech), Digital Health, and Real Estate (PropTech) – key social determinants in desperate need of systemic reform that technology can help enable.

Watch the Meet the Founders event and learn more about the companies below. To learn more about the HBCU Founder’s Program click here.

Meet the HBCU Founder’s Summer Acceleration Program Companies and Their Founders.

A platform that increases clinical trials participation by addressing health disparities. What’s new: Focus on engagement through pillars of trust in communities. What’s interesting: Blockchain technology to log interactions between Pharma and BioTechs with end users in a transparent way. What’s different: Leveraging technology to reduce friction in clinical trial costs due to waste, fraud and abuse.

Gerard Charlot

Morgan State University

Trevor Alexander

Morgan State University

LinkedIn for medical trainees. GABA matches medical trainees to study tools and support services featured in the GABA marketplace based on their learning style. Our dynamic community allows students to connect with other students with similar academic goals and learning styles. We negotiate group discounts on study tools on behalf of our membership ranging from 40-60%. Through strategic partnership, we offer group and text-based emotional resilience coaching through training.

Candice Blacknall 

Morehouse School of Medicine

The world’s first app that connects you to recruiters at HBCUs. With our HBCU Matchmaker and many other digital resources, our app helps students navigate the application process from start to finish. We serve our community through building data management systems all while passing the torch to each coming generation. Everything we offer on our app is at no cost to incoming students because our mission is to build technology that closes the opportunity gap.

Jonathan Swindell

Grambling State University

Mel x Studio is a hybrid eLearning software that provides education in a simple, easily digestible, step by step format for new online business owners. We leverage artificial intelligence and gamification to ensure each business owner is not a part of the gapping 90% failure rate within their first four months of business. Mel, our artificially intelligent business consultant, interactively guides new e-commerce business owners through the process of educating themselves on how to validate, launch and grow their new online business while simultaneously helping the user create their own e-commerce storefront to test out their learnings in real time. Our software provides a consistent feed-back loop for users to effectively build a solid foundation in e-commerce. Users have the ability to interact with Mel as she engages the user in stimulating and thoughtful content, motivation, and real world experiences. As e-commerce develops as the future of commerce, Mel x Studio will be the industry standard learning tool for new e-commerce business owners to understand and become proficient at running their business.

Jovante Ham

Prairie View A & M

Darsha Carter-Ham


Monocle is the first ever collaborative e-reader. Designed to enable connection while reading, Monocle provides the tools for groups and individuals to share annotation on their favorite books.

Leslie Winston

North Carolina A&T State University

Nex Cubed Announces Franklin Templeton as a Founding Partner for HBCU Founder’s Program.

Now Open App aims to significantly reduce the financial barriers created by the banking and payment processing industry on business owners, underbanked, and unbanked customers and employees. The application uses distributed ledger technology to create a payment gateway to process fiat and cryptocurrency payments, reduce transaction processing fees and the elimination of chargebacks, and eliminate payment processing delays. With the construction of an eWallet, Now Open App addresses these issues by allowing for customers to send payments to merchants and merchant owners to send wage payments to employees on their mobile phone.

Imani Hinton

North Carolina A&T State University

Ajané Hinton

Florida A&M University is a software company that specializes in BIG Data processing. What makes us unique is that we do real-time data cleaning and analysis which reduces the time spent by cleaning data by Data Scientists. Our niche is data processing for computer vision companies, our patented technology allows us to detect and alert users of reductions in image quality and directed energy (laser) threats. Visible and nonvisible lasers corrupt visual data and leave a system vulnerable. Our API’s and SDK’s will be used as a preventive measure for CCTV, autonomous systems and home surveillance.

What also makes us unique is that we are a diverse team. It is well known that AI will be biased as long as it is designed with bias. Our services aim to create models that reduce bias against minority communities and design solutions that truly push AI in the right direction.

Gerald Bellot

The University of the Virgin Islands

Aaron Bellot


TradeSmart is a mobile app that provides users with a holistic understanding of the stock market, its companies, and industries. Our features are developed with beginner stock investors in mind. We provide one location for users to research, learn, create watchlist, view their personal charts from online brokers and get social about the market.

Adéwole Travittlee

Morehouse College

Naveed Mian

Howard University

A single app that automatically does your travel research, comparisons, selects the best hotel and flight for any location and date, filter them by your interests and combines them to create a package that matches your budget plus tax included. It does all of these in under 1 minute. After you get your personalized package, you can pay for everything at once in the app. The UX/UI is so simple that it should take no more than 5 minutes to go from searching to booking an entire package

Perewari Pere

Lincoln University

Victoria Polk

Nex Cubed selects inaugural class of HBCU Founders to participate in Summer Acceleration Program.

Through partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Nex Cubed is engaging rising students and recent alums across multiple HBCUs interested in developing business concepts within Digital Health, FinTech, PropTech, and EdTech.