We back bold entrepreneurs who are willing to take serious risks to solve real problems.

Nex Cubed is a leader in innovation-driven value creation, as a long-term strategic partner and shareholder. We work very closely with our portfolio companies to provide them with customized consulting help from Nex Cubed dedicated advisors depending on the founder’s priorities. We think of ourselves as the conduit between startups and the ecosystem that brings them success, whether that’s large corporates, mentors, advisors, investors, and/or academia. Our global network of highly accomplished mentors, strategic advisors, professional investors, and active alumni base, is able to open doors and help entrepreneurs actually learn how to become successful.

Now Accepting Applications Year-Round

Not all companies move at the same pace. To best support founders, we are accepting applications throughout the year. Interested in applying? Please complete the following form.

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“The support we have received from the Nex Cubed team has been phenomenal. The significant amount of progress we have made in strategy, product development, and operational infrastructure development would not have been possible without the hands-on support by the Nex Cubed team and its mentors.”

Kiran Gange, Co-Founder & CEO, RapidMathematix

What You Get

Nex Cubed is very different from conventional accelerators in that we offer a remote, fully customized program for the select few startups we work with. Startups that are accepted into the program can expect over $150k total value in exchange for equity. The standard equity amount Nex Cubed receives is 6%. However, this can vary depending on a startup’s past or current fundraising efforts.

$25,000 in cash
$125k worth of customized consulting help from dedicated advisors who have started, exited, and run multiple startups and completed engagements for over 200 startups ranging from Series A to IPO

Additional Benefits

Office space in Downtown San Francisco

$125k worth of customized consulting from Advisors

Dedicated advisor providing hands-on executive-level support

DigitalOcean Hatch credit, training, support, community, education, and access to 700k+ developers

$1 million + worth of lifetime perks through the prestigious Global Accelerator Network (GAN)

Priority access to network of world-class mentors, investors, and a loyal and active alumni base

Full Service Business Solutions

Nex Cubed provides portfolio companies with a full suite of services to drive innovation, value, and growth. You tell us what your needs and priorities are and we plug in the right advisors, service providers, and corporate partners who will get real work done for your company. We are ready to dig in and get our hands dirty helping you achieve the key milestones necessary to reach the next level.

Business Strategy & Planning

  • Strategize and review business plan, build an execution roadmap in the form of an Annual Operating Plan (AOP), execute a pivot from current/past modality, and evaluate external market research.
  • Review and refine company offering, value proposition, key differentiation, competitive analysis, and ecosystem mapping.
  • Assist with market sizing and segmentation to establish TAM.
  • Assist with the development and refinement of pricing models and use cases for target customers.
  • Provide immediate, hands-on executive-level support to manage potential strategic business partners, investors and client inquiries, information requests, and interactions.

Go-To-Market Strategy & Execution

  • Review and assess current Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy and plan, particularly as it relates to how the company presents their model, sales and marketing strategy, use of proceeds, and growth strategy.
  • Develop and refine plan to take your product to market using all commercial models (SaaS, perpetual licensing, revenue/profit sharing, etc.) and all channel modalities (OEM, direct, VAR channels, etc.).
  • Further define the sales strategy, including the overall program goals & objectives (i.e., # of deals expected to close over a specified timeframe) and estimated resources required to deliver these results.
  • Assist with the implementation and execution of developed strategy by overseeing and providing introductions to potential customers and strategic partners.

Organizational Structure & Strategic Staffing

  • Conduct an organizational assessment to identify the company’s strengths, potential areas for improvement, and understand the company’s recruiting goals to create a more focused and efficient hiring process.
  • Create a plan with specific processes for organizational growth and future hires.
  • Develop detailed job descriptions for current and future hiring needs.
  • Identify key talent and generate candidate pipelines through our in-house technical recruiter.
  • Provide guidance on how to create and maintain team culture as the business scales.

Marketing & Branding

  • Work with our in-house Marketing Director to learn Marketing best practices and standards, and how to Identify, Create, Amplify, and Optimize a quality and sustainable Marketing and Brand Strategy that aligns with your business goals.
  • Review and assess current Marketing and Brand Strategy including branded assets, digital identity, content marketing, SEO and other Marketing fundamentals.
  • Assist with the refinement and development of Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategies including Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Lead Generation, Paid Advertising, Events, Social Media, and more.
  • Assist with Persona Development, Sales Journey, Customer Acquisition Costs, and KPIs to evaluate the financial effectiveness of your Marketing and Sales efforts.

Financial Operations

  • Assist with the development and refinement of one, three and five year strategic and operating plans.
  • Examine and provide recommendations for the optimization of operational cash flow including what deal structures are strategic to the company and how they are prioritized.
  • Relationship development and management support to professional services teams including the right bankers, attorneys, CPS’s and other members needed for your business.

Fundraising & Business Development

  • Help refine the key company story, messaging, and investment merit, including highlighting key past and go forward company milestones and objectives, client and revenue success stories to date, and scalability of the business.
  • Assist with refinement of investor presentation materials (both long and short form), financial models, and other diligence documents.
  • Provide insights and approaches for various equity and debt financing methods and instruments from institutions, public markets, debt lenders, high net worth investors, and/or corporate strategics.
  • Provide hands-on interim executive-level support to Executive Team to manage potential strategic business partners, investor and client inquiries, information requests, and interactions.

Product Commercialization

  • Assist with the commercialization of your product efficiently by identifying markets, assessing user needs, and identifying new uses and users for new and existing products.
  • Our trademarked blueprints of the commercialization process supports plans to organize and execute all necessary technical, business, and market tasks from early-stage technology definition to full-scale product deployment.

Leadership & Culture Training

  • Leveraging our proprietary Blueprint Architecture, we work with your team to help you develop the two most significant, yet distinct, leadership styles: Innovation and Execution. This framework will help transform how your organization communicates and collaborates, yielding higher performance and speed to profit.
  • Understand key underlying principles that support high levels of execution.
  • Develop processes for rapid training, execution, and deployment of the transformational framework throughout your company.

Who Should Apply

Nex Cubed is primarily focused on funding startups in frontier technology sectors such as the ones listed below. However, we will consider all startups that apply.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Quantum Computing