Accelerated Innovation in Digital Healthcare.

Nex Cubed’s Digital Healthcare Accelerator is a bespoke, semi-remote, four-month startup accelerator focused on pairing technically, clinically, and operationally talented founders with Healthcare subject matter experts that work with teams on a daily basis, preparing the startups for investment and enterprise readiness.

Digital Healthcare

Healthcare is in a crisis globally.

It costs too much, is often unavailable to those who need it most, is not personalized for even those who can afford it, uses legacy software systems or paper, pencils and fax machines, creates walls between patients and their care teams, is driving physicians to burn out in their peak years . . . should we go on?

However, we stand at a moment of monumental change. For the first time since the advent of the vaccine or clean water we have the opportunity to develop Healthcare solutions leveraging Software and Data that can improve outcomes and lower costs.

Digital Healthcare has the potential to and is transforming how, where and to whom healthcare is provided, the quality of that care, bending the cost curve and putting patients and their care teams at the center of healthcare.

Nex Cubed Selects Companies for Spring 2019 Digital Health Accelerator Program


Program Overview

The Nex Cubed Digital Healthcare Accelerator drives commercial adoption of transformative healthcare solutions and prepares Founding Teams for their next round of institutional financing.

Our Digital Health Accelerator is not for everyone. We are not a one size fits all boot camp start up factory. We do not offer fancy sounding “master classes” led by folks that you never see before or after the class. We do not put you in a room full investors and let you sink or swim on your own. We do not force Founders to leave their family and homes for four months and pay double rent in expensive cities.


The Nex Cubed Digital Healthcare Accelerator program is semi-remote program based in San Diego, CA. We are in San Diego because it is at the epicenter of Healthcare innovation (and because it is always 72 degrees). Because our program is semi-remote you do not have to move to San Diego to be a part of the program. You can fly in for our kick-off, mid-term and demo day events in San Diego or you have the opportunity to work out of our ocean front offices in La Jolla for the duration of the program, it is up to you. In addition, teams have the opportunity to utilize our office in the heart of San Francisco as well.


Applications For Fall Cohort Deadline: 6/21/2019
Program Length: 16 Weeks
Start Of Program: August 2019
Demo Day: December 2019
Next Cohort: Spring 2019


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Nex Cubed Digital Health Spring 2019 Cohort

Nex Cubed Digital Health Alumni

Nex Cubed Digital Health Program Partners

Accelerated Innovation in Digital Healthcare and Healthcare Tech

What you get

$150k investment including:

$25k in cash

16 week semi-remote program in San Diego

Dedicated Subject Matter Expert Advisor

Access to Nex Cubed Healthcare Investor Advisory Board

Mentorship from world-leading healthcare minds

Office space in San Diego or San Francisco

Startup Showcase – opportunity to pitch to Digital Health Investors, Healthcare Leaders and the Press

Post-program support

Key Focus Areas


• Big Data

• Analytics



• Computer Vision

• Blockchain

• IoT

Solving for:

The “3 P’s:

• Patient

• Providers

• Payors


• Business and Administrative Enterprise Software

• Electronic Health Records and Clinical Workflow

• Cybersecurity

• Clinical Decision Support

• Connected Med Devices

• Digital Rx

• Pre-Clinical Research

• Clinical Trials

• Real World Evidence

• Population Health

• Supply Chain Management

• Remote Patient Monitoring

• Care Management

• Virtual Biomarkers


Our Advisors are at the core of everything that we do.

At Nex Cubed Digital Healthcare we know what it takes to build real healthcare businesses, sell into strategics, navigate regulatory hurdles and raise financing because our team has built real healthcare businesses, sold into strategics, navigated regulatory hurdles and raised institutional financing.

We have curated a distinguished Advisory team that is embedded with the accelerator companies to work with founders on a daily basis. The team includes change agents who have served at healthcare organizations like the Food and Drug Administration, Stanford Health, Harvard’s Partners HealthCare System, Bayer, Peace Health, Panasonic, 3M Health Systems, HMS, Vivimed, SHL Group, Pfizer, NuVasive, and Wright Medical. In addition, the team provides Nex Cubed Healthcare with a significant geographic footprint from coast to coast and beyond.

If a more sophisticated team of Healthcare Advisors exists at another Accelerator, we haven’t seen it.

Daniel Haders II, Ph.D.
Managing Director of Healthcare Technology at Nex Cubed, San Diego

Basker Gummadi
Deputy Director of Digital Innovation at Bayer, NYC

John Norris, JD, MBA
Former Principal Deputy Commissioner (COO) at FDA, Boston

Ramin Rafiei, Ph.D.
Director of Technology & Ventures at SHL Group, Taipei/Florida/Stockholm

Kash Kapadia, MBA
Founder & CEO at Digicore Health, Former VP & GM of Digital Health at Stanford Healthcare, Silicon Valley

Brigitte Piniewski, MD
Former Chief Medical Officer at Peace Health Laboratories, Portland

Jerry Kolosky
Former Senior Healthcare Advisor for Strategy, Policy & Business Development at Panasonic, NYC

Julie Fishman, RPh, MPA
Co-Founder at Quality Specialty Pharmacy, VP of Business Development at StemProtein, San Diego

Dwight French
Co-Founder at Health Access Solutions, Former Senior VP of Enterprise Product Management at HMS, Sacramento

Raghu Iyer, MBA
Former Global Chief Operating & Strategy Officer at Vivimed Labs, Former Practice Expert of Financial Services at McKinsey & Company, San Diego

Matt Gehring
Growth Marketing Expert, Former Growth Advisor at hims, San Francisco

Terry Rich
Medical Device Executive, San Diego

Ruben Flores-Saaib
President at Hermes Life Sciences | Co-Founder & Board Member at San Diego Innovation Council, San Diego

Investor Advisory Board

How can you prepare to raise capital if you do not know the minds of professional investors?

Nex Cubed has also formed a Digital Health Investor Advisory Board. The Board is comprised of Tier 1 angel and institutional investors from organizations like Eniac Ventures, RockHealth, FundRx, Tech Coast Angels, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Wharton Angels, Activate Venture Partners, DigiTx, Emergent Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Sway Ventures, and Oak Investment Partners. These investors are programmatically involved in the accelerator curriculum where they actively mentor the companies as they prepare for their next round of fundraising.

With the advice and support from our Investor Advisory Board, you will be properly positioned to pitch the leading Digital Health Angels and funds in the world.

Jeff Trost
Founder & Managing Director at Greenbox Venture Partners, Venture Principal at Rock Health, San Francisco

Sean Doolan
Director at P5 Health Ventures, Former Senior Associate at StartUp Health, NYC

David J. Kim, M.D.
CEO at DigiTx Partners, Silicon Valley

Angel Saad Gómez
Venture Partner at Oak Investment Partners

Gyan Kapur
Vice President at Activate Venture Partners, Former Associate-FX of Options Trading at Citigroup, NYC

Autri Chattopadhyay
Director at FundRX, Former Life Sciences Strategy Associate at Huron, NYC

Amy C. Chang
CEO of Delta Nutrassentials, Healthcare Analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts, San Diego

Ashok Kamal
Executive Director at Tech Coast Angels, San Diego

Dylan Weening
Senior Associate at Sway Ventures, San Diego

Ellen Chang
Principal at BMNT, Co-Founder & Board Member at LightSpeed Innovations (LSI), Chair of the SoCal Wharton Angel Network, San Diego

Tim Young
Founding General Partner at Eniac Ventures, San Francisco

Karen Donovan
Healthcare Strategy Consultant, Boston

Smita Bagla
CEO at Aligned Strategies, President of TiE SoCal Chapter, Malibu

Alok Nandan
General Partner at Emergent Ventures, San Francisco

Prasad Sunkara
Serial Entrepreneur, President & CEO at Innova Capital, San Diego

Anya Schiess
Co-Founder, General Partner at Healthy Ventures, San Francisco

Jay Kunin
Serial Entreprenuer, Educator, Consultant, Investor, San Diego

Ritika Mahajan
Growth Equity Investor at Radian Capital, NYC

David Song
Managing Director at Rockefeller Capital Management, NYC

Joey Kim
Senior Associate at Romulus Capital, Boston

Zac Rowley
Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, San Francisco

Josie Kamrath
Senior Associate at FusionX Ventures, San Diego

Qidong Jia
Partner at CentreGold Capital, San Francisco

David Eigen
Managing Member, P5 Health Ventures

Healthcare Mentors

At Nex Cubed we believe in helping you accelerate your business not slowing you down with useless activities. That’s why we pre-match you with mentors based on reciprocal interest. No meaningless mentoring sessions. Our Healthcare Mentors are relevantly qualified, appropriately timed in the lifecycle, and Socratic in their approach.

Shikha Sharma Ph.D.
Licensing Officer, UCSF Innovation Ventures, San Francisco

Marc Mangus
Serial High-Tech Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, Security & Cloud Evangelist, Former CTO of Health Access Solutions, San Francisco

Miriam Bloch, M.D.
Physician, Medical Director, San Diego

Hants Williams
Co-Founder – BioVirtua | Director Clinical Operations – VirtualHealth, NYC

Ray Mead
Regional Business Consultant / Trusted Advisor, TriNet, San Diego

Tim Mackey
Associate Professor, UCSD – School of Medicine, Co-Founder S-3 Research, San Diego

Rochelle Pleskow
Director, eWellness Healthcare Corporation, San Francisco

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki
Managing Partnr, Nikkei Ventures, San Francisco

Terry Quinn
Vice President of Operations at Apothecarry Inc. / Executive Vice President of Operations at Hupnos, Los Angeles

Dean Sawyer
Co-Founder & CEO at Sentrian, Los Angeles

Helen Yu
VP of Product & Engineering at Nolymit Mobile Web AI Startup / IBM Mobile Web + AI App Architect & Managing Consultant, San Francisco

Matthew Versaggi
Senior Director of AI & Machine Learning at Optum Technologies (SDS) / United Health Group, Minneapolis-St. Paul

Richie Mathews
Director, Search & AI, Yahoo!, San Francisco

Joni Hoadley
Product Consultant & Coach at Joni Hoadley + Co, Santa Barbara

Julien Seret
VP Global Product at SoftBank Robotics, San Francisco

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