Our Capabilities

Nex Cubed can facilitate progress through each and every phase of a startup’s maturation – from inception to liquidity.

Fundraising Process Management

Introductions are one thing, but knowing which firms are stage & sector appropriate for your company and having credibility with those investors is what makes our Investment Partner Network (IPN) unique. With the IPN at your fingertips it’s easy to obtain quality financial backing.

Business Strategy & Planning

Our world-class team can help you with business planning at all levels. Whether it’s formulating your initial Business Plan, building an Execution Roadmap in the form of an AOP (Annual Operating Plan), architecting a breakout strategy, executing a pivot from a current/past modality, building a corporate development game plan or refining your strategic plan to determine where to take your company, we’ve got you covered. As seasoned startup executives we have conceived and implemented proven business strategies and bring that experience to every project we undertake.

Strategic Staffing

Unlike traditional recruiting firms, we specialize in understanding how to build tech companies from the inside out. Our proprietary Entrepreneurial Accelerator Network effectively places trusted & proven executives in long-term positions. We’re more than positive you’ll be satisfied with our appointments. We guarantee results.

Financial Operations

Most startups can’t afford and don’t need a dedicated CFO, and those that do often don’t have the supporting cast needed to scale their financial operations. Our full-service plugs strategic gaps in the management of your precious capital. The most unprofitable customers tend to drive a disproportionate portion of expenses. Our Profit Optimization approach allows us to quickly identify and recommend calculated, focused actions to optimize your cash flow and profits. Resources can then be focused on the most profitable and essential segments of your business.


At Nex Cubed, we’ve successfully taken product companies into international markets. We are masters of dealing with issues regarding structure, cost, sequencing, localization, channels, local language, time zone servicing, etc.

Product Commercialization

Product management is a cyclical endeavor, punctuated by periods of inactivity. Optimize your cash burn by dialing up world-class Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) support. Benefit from our expertise in getting products vetted (via 3rd party) for compliance and validation, and ultimately BETA tested and deployed in key target customers and partners.

Go-To-Market Strategy & Execution

Leverage our vast experience formulating, refining, validating and implementing scalable and proven go-to-market strategies. Our robust bench of Service Module Engagement Leads have domain expertise across cloud computing, InfoSec, storage, wireless, mobile commerce, social media and more. As seasoned startup entrepreneurs we’ve had successful turns taking hardware, software, services and online platforms to market using all commercial models (SaaS; perpetual licensing; revenue/profit sharing, etc) and all channel modalities (OEM, direct, VAR channels, etc). We can step in where you have gaps today and make an instantaneous and sustainable impact on your commercial traction.

Independent Board Directorships

Our team has unparalleled expertise and tremendous experience as independent directors and our “Value Creation” approach provides an unrivaled impact on your business. More than simply consultants or strategists, we become long-term trusted advisors to the entrepreneurs we serve.

Merger & Acquisition Process Development

Nailing down your path to liquidity early in your startup lifecycle dramatically increases the odds that you will meet your objectives. Formulating how your strategic ecosystem will contribute to your exit path will help decide what your business and corporate development priorities should be. Knowing if, when, how, where and which investment banks to use in certain kinds of M&A processes is key and having a partner that knows this landscape and can determine the best course can often save you a bundle, help you avoid mistakes and maximize your ROI.

Full Service Business Solutions

Nex Cubed Startup Acceleration Platform is designed to help companies accelerate their market velocity by cost-effectively scaling their operational and commercial capacity. Thru our Lifecycle Growth Management approach, we can facilitate progress thru each and every phase of a startup’s maturation – from inception thru to liquidity.

Our ten Service Modules are designed to provide entrepreneurs with all of the SG&A capabilities they need, when they need them, with economics they can afford. Nex Cubed is unique in its breadth and depth of solutions so companies can leverage the most appropriate tool at the right time to seamlessly manage thru their commercial trajectory.

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