(PODCAST) Making a Difference w/ Marlon Evans: Expanding Opportunity for Underserved Communities


September 9, 2020

With diversity and inclusion woven into Nex Cubed’s cultural fabric since inception, we’re committed that ALL entrepreneurs and founders have access to capital and the resources they need to be successful along their innovation path.

This is why we launched the Nex Cubed HBCU Founder’s Program to provide students and recent alums at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the US with access to pursuing entrepreneurship.

We are excited to share a recent episode from Sway Ventures’ Master Minds Podcast where CEO, Marlon Evans, joins Sway Ventures Partner and COO, Greg White, to discuss the vision behind Nex Cubed’s HBCU Founder’s Program, its progress to date, and how to get involved.


Greg White: Tell us about your most recent efforts specific to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Founder’s Program that you’ve stood up at Nex Cubed and how and why that’s been such an instant success for Nex Cubed and your partners and of course the HBCUs.

Marlon: While our portfolio is still over 50% minority or female-led, we knew that we can do more and in order for us to have the impact that we’re looking to make, we realized that we needed to start earlier in the process, working with students and recent alums who otherwise would not have access to Silicon Valley and to funding. As a result, really level the playing field in many respects.

We’re super excited about the initial feedback we have received from students who are really excited about participating in the program and then for our corporate partners that are looking for diverse talent to bring to their companies, they’re seeing this as a great resource to uncover talent that they might have missed otherwise.

Be sure to check out the full podcast here or listen on Spotify.

A special thanks to AT&T for believing in our vision and locking arms with us. If the company you work for is looking for a programmatic way to identify diverse talent, support entrepreneurship, and activate its employee base via mentoring and speaking opportunities, we would love to speak with you. Together we can find a better way and accomplish even more.

Contact us to learn more about Nex Cubed’s HBCU Founder’s Program or visit the webpage for additional information.

Marlon Evans is the CEO at Nex Cubed. Greg White is Partner and COO at Sway Ventures.

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