Frontier technologies leading the NewSpace Race.

New entrants and commercial companies are rapidly expanding private space ventures with investment capital, R&D, and revolutionary technologies building a new generation of space business. This market dynamic is enabling a disruptive breed of space and aerospace pioneers to develop and field frontier technologies for the next generation of satellites, lift, payloads, imaging, sensors, communications, logistics, and processing. Building on our success in accelerating AI/ML and frontier technology companies, Nex Cubed Aerospace invests in U.S. and international aerospace companies that are innovatively leveraging the digital revolution and leading the NewSpace Race.

As part of our aerospace and space technology initiative, Nex Cubed Aerospace is collaborating with AWS’ Worldwide Public Sector Venture Capital and Startup Group to develop a series of Aerospace Pop Up Accelerators™ over the next 12 months.

Each program will be one month in duration and consist of a 4-day in-person session and a 3-week virtual program. Startups selected for the program will receive customized mentorship and services, and priority access to the vast AWS and Nex Cubed ecosystems and networks. Other benefits include:

Solutions architect support
AWS program cloud credits
Access to the AWS Marketplace
Corporate dev & strategy

AWS | Nex Cubed Aerospace Pop Up Accelerator™ APPLY NOW

AWS-Nex Cubed Aerospace Pop Up Accelerators™

AWS-Nex Cubed Aerospace Pop Up Accelerator™ Launch Event

July 16-19, 2018
Nex Cubed Headquarters
San Francisco

AWS-Nex Cubed Aerospace Pop Up Accelerator™

September 17-20, 2018
Johnson Space Center

AWS-Nex Cubed Aerospace Pop Up Accelerator™

November 12-15, 2018
Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral

Who Should Apply

We are inviting startups and new technology companies in the civilian, commercial, government, defense, military, and international space communities to apply for the AWS-Nex Cubed Aerospace Pop Up Accelerator™.