Our Programs

We are a leader in innovation-driven value creation, as a long-term strategic partner and shareholder.

The unique aspect of Nex Cubed is that we work at the very early stages before the technology even exists, all the way through to mature companies. We admit first-time founders, later-stage companies, and multi-exit entrepreneurs. Today’s groundbreaking technologies will impact all sectors, which is why we have the ability to support all industries, ranging from healthcare, aerospace, finance, government, consumer/retail, ecommerce, and enterprise.

What do startups get?

Here are a few reasons why founders choose Nex Cubed:


Access to Nex Cubed resources for life


Connections to the Nex Cubed Global Network


Exclusive perks from software companies, services providers, and industry experts, worth over $125k

Office Space

Office space in the heart of downtown San Francisco’s Financial District


Lifetime access and personal introductions (where appropriate) to our investor network and innovation technology council

Liquidity Pathways

Access to liquidity opportunities via M&A pathways

Nex Cubed Joins GAN

Nex Cubed has joined the Global Accelerator Network that connects Nex Cubed startups to dozens of other accelerators around the world as well as exclusive access to a wealth of resources.

GAN is a network of the world’s most respected accelerators and organizations in support of the startup industry. GAN consists of 80 members spanning six continents and over 125 cities around the world providing funding, training, mentoring and amazing connections to startup companies.

We build companies from the ground up

We actively hunt for solutions to pressing problems, leveraging large corporates’ innovation and product roadmaps to validate ideas and technological innovations. We are selective in the opportunities we pursue and use our relationships with universities and labs across the globe to find and work with PhDs tinkering on those specific problems. Our team helps identify the market opportunity while assessing and managing the intellectual property component. The result is co-development of the business plan, a prototype, and ultimately a path to funding.

What you Give

Founder’s Equity to Nex Cubed

We fund and support early stage founders pursuing groundbreaking technology

Our core focus at Nex Cubed is working with early stage founders to give them everything they need to succeed. We provide a highly competent incubator team to support and guide the startups. Our large network of highly successful mentors and professional investors, coupled with a loyal and active alumni base, is able to open doors and provide advice throughout the startup lifecycle. We think of ourselves as the conduit between startups and the ecosystem that brings them success, whether that’s large corporates, mentors, advisors, investors, and/or academia.

What you Give

Standard terms: $25,000 in exchange for 6% common stock. However, this can vary depending on a startup’s past or current fundraising efforts.

Apply to Nex Cubed

Who Should Apply
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Quantum Computing

Go-to-market support and exit pathways for later stage technology companies

We work with growth stage companies that need help scaling and attracting exit opportunities. For nearly a decade, the partners and team have been working alongside later-stage startups, helping them rise to the next level. Employing our acceleration service modules, we provide entrepreneurs with all of the SG&A capabilities they need, when they need them. Nex Cubed can help later-stage startups accelerate their market velocity by cost-effectively scaling their operational and commercial capacity. We focus on the four areas of strategy, velocity, scale, and liquidity.

What you Give

A blend of revenue share and equity based on requisite need.

Our Capabilities
Business Strategy & Planning
Financial Operations
Strategic Staffing
Product Commercialization
Independent Board Directorships
Go-To-Market Strategy & Execution
Fundraising Process Management
Merger & Acquisition Process Development
An idea alone will not change the world; it takes incredible founders

Nec Cubed Applications Remain Open
We’re looking for bold founders who are building frontier technologies to solve real problems.