We build companies from the ground up.

We actively hunt for solutions to pressing problems, leveraging large corporates’ innovation and product roadmaps to validate ideas and technological advancements. We are selective in the opportunities we pursue to ensure they are strategic and beneficial for both Nex Cubed and our corporate partners. The relationships we build from these experiences across the globe are utilized to find and work with PhDs tinkering with those specific problems to formulate a solution. Our team helps identify the market opportunity while assessing and managing the intellectual property component. The result is co-development of the business plan, a prototype, and ultimately a path to funding.

Our Create Tier Works To

Build software enterprise companies from the ground up

Collaborate with corporate partners to identify market needs

Address corporate strategy holes with a clear action plan

Create & manage the intellectual property of market solutions

Become a Corporate Partner

Our unique capitalization approach builds a sustainable and growing portfolio of equities that you will participate in. This is a business investment, rather than an investment in a fund, which saves tens of millions of dollars which might be spent internally. We will develop companies on your platform, purposely built with speed and quality.

Interested in creating a strategic enterprise solution? Contact us today to learn more about becoming a corporate partner.